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About Us

“Growing together” first took shape in 2019 and offered growing and cooking opportunities to the communities of Craigshill; with the development of community growing spaces, workshops and activities to compliment this. During the pandemic the importance of safe community outdoor spaces and the ability to grow food with and for our community became ever more important.

Now through the Scottish government “Investment in communities funding” we are delighted to be relaunching and expanding the remit of the “Growing together” project.

A unique and fully funded collaborative project delivered through WLYAP, SPARK and Almond housing the Project will stand alone and be led by what the people of Craigshill want from their environment and the places they live and work.

The Benefits of Community engagement

Community engagement is a catalyst for positive social change, promoting unity, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to a better future. Offering many benefits that contribute to the overall well-being and growth of both individuals and the community as a whole.

Establishing a sense of belonging and fostering social cohesion to reduce feelings of isolation; Furthermore, community engagement promotes the exchange of ideas, skills, and resources, creating a supportive network that enhances collective problem-solving.

This involvement not only strengthens community bonds but also empowers individuals to take ownership of their shared environment, fostering a collaborative and resilient community that can effectively address challenges and celebrate successes together.

Get Involved in your Community 

“Growing together” is for all ages, groups and abilities - working cross generationally within the Craigshill area; Always and foremost resident and community led.

Our Aims

"That all local people will have opportunities to engage with the project, through activities, workshops and community projects and events designed to enhance and benefit the area of Craigshill and the people who live, work and use this area."

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